Here’s All You Need To Know About Commercial Heat Pumps


Innovation and creative technology have enabled you to control the water and air temperature around you according to your needs and requirements. This miracle is a premium heating solution provided by commercial heat pumps today. These heat pumps are loaded with modern technology that displays a boatload of operability features and cutting-edge, durable materials that ensure desired water temperature control at an affordable cost.


The commercial heat pumps provide water heating and cooling services to commercial spaces like business buildings, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and malls. Businesses are always looking for various ways to cut down their operation costs, and these heat pumps are their best chance at running a business at a reduced price without harming the environment. The traditional heating solutions were very energy consuming, and the carbon emissions were also high, which pushed the technicians of the heating industry to form an environmentally friendly heating solution that we today know as heat pumps. We will explain to you how these heat pumps work, their numerous benefits, and how they affect modern society and the surrounding environment.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

If you understand the workings of the commercial heat pump, you will know why it is preferred in modern commercial hubs for hot water and other heating needs of the space. Firstly, there are two types of heat pumps: water and air source heat pumps. The air source heat pumps work on a straightforward principle. They are installed outside the building, extracting heat from outside sources like air and then amplifying that heat to transfer it into water. In this process, the heat is transferred rather than generated from any other energy consumption, making these pumps more efficient and cost-saving than traditional heating solutions like electric heaters and boilers. The pumps include components like a compressor, condenser, heat exchanger, expansion device, evaporator, and many other parts that perform the functions precisely to provide efficient heating solutions. These pumps use less energy to function and provide more heat output conveniently, making them more energy-efficient, cost-saving, and valuable investments for the commercial building owner.

Exploring The Benefits 

Modern technology and innovation have enabled businesses to provide an optimum working and living environment. The heat pumps offer the user numerous applications in versatile places and provide heating and cooling solutions at an affordable cost. These heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular in commercial complexes by conserving electricity. Let us gather more knowledge about the benefits of these heat pumps.


  • Work in Extreme Temperatures

These advanced heat pumps provide heating and cooling solutions by operating at temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius to 43 degrees Celsius. These pumps display unmatched durability and reliability of efficient heating in extreme weather conditions. The pumps can provide a maximum output temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.


  • Reduced Noise

A good machine fulfils its purpose without letting anyone know that it is functioning. These heat pumps operate at quiet levels, and all this less noise is due to the whisper-quiet fans that these pumps have installed in their superior quality build material.


  • Top-notch Compressors and Heat Transfer

Our commercial heat pumps are equipped with state-of-the-art compressors like Copeland/Scroll compressors, which are a testament to quality and efficiency. The pumps have a super large surface ultra gold fin coil evaporator that helps in high heat transfer. Using top-notch components is a commitment that these heat pumps have towards providing you with superior heating luxury.


  • Advanced Technology

You will be thrilled to know that these pumps have advanced features like automatic defrosting, high/low-pressure safety switches and an easy-to-use LCD display controller. Every bit of advanced science is used in manufacturing these products to ensure that you have the best value-for-money heat pump for your commercial spaces.


  • Installation Merits

You can relax when it comes to installing these heat pumps at your building or any other commercial space, as these heat pumps are easy to install and have retrofitting features. Yes! You can retrofit these energy-saving hot water solutions to existing boiler geysers and use them with solar water heater tanks. These pumps also have a four-way reverse valve option if you need to cool down the water up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Environmental And Societal Impact 

Our heat pumps have captured the heating solutions market with their optimum efficiency, cost-saving features and reduced carbon emissions. This feature-loaded machine has compelled people to shift to a more eco-friendly way of heating or cooling their commercial spaces, reducing environmental strain and encouraging people to save energy costs. People can rely on these modern marvels to enjoy their hot water at any point in time without worrying about energy consumption. These electricity-saving pumps need less space for installation and provide hot water and other heating solutions to the whole commercial building.


Society is also making efforts to adapt to these new technologies and help save the environment. Commercial heat pumps have versatile applications in the business world, and our heat pumps come in various models with better and better efficiency that suit all your business needs. You just need to choose the best-fitting heat pump to satisfy your heating requirements, and that investment will be the best you have ever made for your commercial space, saving you money and giving you a sense of calmness as you have reduced pollution.


Modern-day lifestyle needs cost-efficient and energy-saving ways to meet commercial space heating and cooling needs. The constantly evolving technology is helping heat pump manufacturing companies to have a competitive edge in their product by inculcating advanced engineering and installing consumer-centric features in their heat pump. You can also install these heat pumps in your commercial space to meet your heating and cooling needs at much less cost. You can elevate the atmosphere of your commercial space by providing an ambient environment to the people. And if you want to go green with these pumps, you can opt for solar panels and heat pumps together.


Trust Inter Solar Systems [Since 1997] for your water heating and cooling needs, as we are India’s best solar panel and heat pump manufacturing company. Our years of experience and quality assurance are met with premium materials and advanced technology that provide an unparalleled experience for you to enjoy hot water. You also get an AMC [Annual Maintenance Contract] for the heat pumps as we deliver world-class after-sale and maintenance services for your heating needs.


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