Commercial Heat Pumps

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Commercial Heat Pumps

The Commercial Heat Pumps will give you a warm lifestyle with its heating and cooling solutions for your commercial spaces. Get hot water around the clock at a very low cost and save the environment with these quiet heat pumps equipped with plenty of features to meet all your heating and cooling needs.



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Heating & Cooling


Maximum Water Output Temperature

60 D C

Working Temperature

-5 D C To 43 D C


Copeland/Scroll/R417A /R410A/R22

Sound Level

65-68 dB(a)


Fully Automatic Defrost Function


Efficiency on Energy

Commercial heat pumps save you enormous amounts of money on your electricity bills as these pumps use less energy to create greater heat output. Save the environment by creating a warm and cosy workplace as these heat pumps are eco-friendly and work quietly, making no noise pollution.


02 Years

Pay Back Period

1-2 Years


80% Energy Saved

Customer Supports


Energy Storage

Advanced Engineering

The Commercial Heat Pumps are equipped with top-notch compressors and work in extreme temperatures to provide your commercial space with hot water and a warm environment. These heat pumps can be retrofitted into existing boiler geysers and come with a high/low-pressure safety switch that protects the pumps from damage.

Reliable Perks

Discover The Benefits

Commercial Heat Pumps are way more cost-saving and eco-friendly than traditional heating solutions. Rather than generating heat, these pumps transfer heat, converting your commercial space into an ambient workplace.

Cost Savings

Provide Temperature Output Of 60 D C

Optimised for High Heat Transfer

Quiet operation

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