Our Sun-Spired Products

Solar, The Shining Paragon Of Sustainability

Experience the radiance of a sustainable future with our Solar products, where every beam of light illuminates a brighter tomorrow. Join the solar revolution and bask in the warmth of renewable energy for generations to come.
Solar Panels

Solar PV Panels

Inter Solar manufactures and supplies high-quality solar modules. Our solar modules can be installed anywhere for the best results. They are affordable and easy to function.

Heat Pump

Heat Pump

The heat pump from Inter Solar provides a climate-neutral, energy-efficient alternative. It saves money and substantially lowers your electricity bill. Its maintenance is also low.

Solar Panels

Water Heating System

Inter Solar manufactures high-performance solar water heating systems of various kinds including Evacuated Tube Collector System (ETC), Flat Plate System (FPC), and - Flat Plate System (FPC).

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