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Inter Solar systems is one of the leading turnkey EPC services providers in the Indian solar industry. For commercial and industrial solutions we have the state of the art services which ensure a higher return on investment by reducing your electricity bills. Our customised solutions have helped various industrial and commercial customers by adopting sustainable solar solutions thus reducing their carbon footprint.


By partnering with Inter Solar, the hotels below have unlocked the sun’s power to meet their energy needs while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

BITS Pilani

Govt. Institute

By leveraging our cutting-edge solar products, the below institutes have significantly reduced their carbon footprint and achieved sustainable energy goals while enjoying long-term cost savings.

Schools & Universities

Our innovative solutions have enabled educational institutions to harness the sun’s power and integrate sustainable energy practices into their campuses.
Pine Grove
Rayat Bahra
Baddi University
Chitkara University


With reduced reliance on traditional energy grids and choosing Inter Solar, the below hospitals have significantly lowered their operational costs while ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical medical equipment.



Inter Solar products have catered to diverse industries, empowering them to harness the sun’s energy and unlocking a host of benefits.

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