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All users are obliged to read the following terms and conditions prior to using the website. In the event that a user refuses to read or agree to the below laid out terms, he must halt viewing this website and utilizing any of the contents shared here. Any items already downloaded, must not be further used by him.


All users are obliged to read the following terms and conditions prior to using the website. In the event that a user refuses to read or agree to the below laid out terms, he must halt viewing this website and utilizing any of the contents shared here. Any items already downloaded, must not be further used by him.


  1. Mandates for Content utilization & Intellectual property
  2. Additional Terms & Intellectual Property rights
  3. Information we provide
  4. Information we obtain
  5. Code of conduct
  6. Disclaimers


This is to clarify that the company controls all intellectual property rights for the content on this website. The rights are further protected by national and international laws with the exception of special circumstances where it explicitly gives permission to pertinent authorities or is obliged by applicable laws.

Content on this website includes texts, images, designs, photographs, and videos but is not merely limited to these. Any user is not permitted to utilize this content for commercial purposes unless clearly permitted by the company in writing. Prohibited activities include but are not bounded to repurposing, editing, adapting, duplicating, re-sharing, sending, deleting, or tampering with in any form.

You are also barred from using the whole or part of the website to store/ keep in any database or use as a part of another website


It is pertinent to note that the website also mentions several technologies, products, and processes, all of which may be protected under different intellectual property rights belonging to the company and are not licensed hereunder.

InterSolar also reserves the rights to its logo as it is a registered trademark of the company. Any other logos present throughout the website may as well be protected under such rights by the company and its partners/associates/clients.

Kindly note that all the terms and conditions are relevant to the current website and its contents. This shall not affect any preexisting relationship the user has with the company and additional terms may be applicable in the event of any special campaigns or promotions going on across the company.


Any information present on the website is written with the intent of delivering accuracy, quality, and utility. However, it can change frequently or be interpreted distinctly by various parties and users. Despite numerous measures to verify and proof check the information, it can still contain inaccuracies, and errors or may clash with these terms occasionally. Should that happen, the company does not make any guarantees for the same. Nevertheless, we would attempt to rectify any errors and address any concerns should you reach out and notify the company of the same.

The website also contains content written by different third-parties such as specialists, technicians, and service providers to ensure improved accuracy and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. This inclusion of information is not intended as nor can be taken as an indication of any sort of approval/endorsement/promotion of said parties. The company shall also not be liable for any claims pertinent to the said parties.


Unless you have a separate agreement with the company allowing it to do so, InterSolar does not aim to obtain confidential or proprietary information through its website, thereby categorizing all the information shared through it or electronically as non-confidential. Without the existence of a written agreement between the user and the company related to the said information, the company reserves all the rights to use the information without any obligation or answerability to the user.

While using this website, the user may have to register for specific services/ offers/ promotions, etc. When the situation shall arise, the user is mandated to provide information that is true, complete, and current. In the event that your information (such as email address) changes after registering, you shall update it to keep it current. Should you fail to oblige by it, the company reserves the right to terminate any agreement with you or your usage of this website.

When prompted to select a username for the registration process, the company, at its sole discretion, may reject your username should it find it to be inappropriate, vulgar, offensive, confusing, illegal, impersonating someone else, or trademark/ proprietary law protected. You shall be held responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your credentials (username, password) and do not have the right to transfer/resell your access to the site to anyone. Since you will be solely liable for any activities on your account (also including purchases). You must report to us if you have reason to believe that your access to your account is compromised.


If the user continues to use this website, it is already assumed that he acknowledges the code of conduct mentioned below and agrees to abide by it. Please refer to the list of activities strictly prohibited by the company for the user.

Deface or Hack the website wholly or in parts to deter/ restrict/ block someone from using it.

Conduct any unlawful activities using this site or any of its contents

Directly claim or indirectly suggest that your claims are endorsed by the company without a binding written agreement

Transmit any content/ material that may be illegal, fraudulent, objectionable, defamatory, or infringes on any rights of the company or someone else.

Transmit any trade secrets or non-public information about companies, or sensitive materials without due authorization

Sharing any unsolicited commercial communication including but not limited to advertisements, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities, etc. without our clear written consent.

Spamming, Flooding, or infesting the site with software/ material with viruses, defects, and other destructive tendencies

Interfere with the proper functioning of the site via modifications, reverse engineering, or disassembling any portion.

Remove or tamper with any notices, disclaimers, trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual property rights on the website.


The company does not promise any warranty or guarantee the accuracy, quality, non-infringement, or completeness of the contents published on this website, and shall thereby not be liable for any damages whether direct or indirect arising from the use/ reliance of this website and/or the contents linked as well as included herein.

The company shall bear no liability in any such scenario even if it is explicitly advised about the possibility of damages such as, but not limited to loss of profits, business interruption or loss of data, to the fullest extent of the law.

In certain jurisdictions, the exclusion of implied warranties is not accepted, therefore the above content may not be relevant to some users.

Any information here may be subject to change, updation, or deletion at the sole discretion of InterSolar and it shall not be obliged to the users for it or any inaccuracies or technical errors present. The company also reserves the right to change or modify any products, processes, or technologies mentioned here at any time without notice.

In regard to the functioning of the website, the company does not warrant to be compatible with your computer, error-free, uninterrupted, virus-free or rid of any worms or trojan horses. Nor does it claim to correct such defects if they may arise.No liability shall fall upon the company for any damages caused due to these defects.

Finally, all the links and materials provided are for your convenience only. InterSolar is not responsible for any other page or website that you access via this website, nor does its inclusion indicate any endorsement in any manner or form.

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