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Inter Solar Systems Heat pumps are a perfect solution for your independent temperature needs. Our heat pumps have the latest technology, energy efficiency, temperature range from 10 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celcius, and minimum noise operation. We have every heat pump that you need.
Swimming Pool heat pump
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Swimming Pool Heat Pump​

Our swimming pool heat pumps provide you with the best pool experience. These heat pumps are corrosion-resistant, have desired temperature control, are ozone-friendly refrigerant, are easy to install, and have a wide range to suit any pool size.

Premium Quality

Smart Control

Ambient Temperature

Energy Efficient

Residential Heat pumps
heat pump solar

Residential Heat Pumps

Equipped with superior-quality stainless steel, our range of residential heat pumps is the best for your home. These heat pumps come with a built-in circulation pump and operate very quietly. These are the energy-efficient and cost-saving pumps that will uplift your life.

Energy Efficient

Cutting-edge Technology

Consistent Heating

Range of Products

electric heat pump

Commercial Heat Pumps

Our commercial heat pumps are the most energy-efficient. These are durable and give high performance with safety features. Equipped with easy-to-use LCD panels, these heat pumps will satisfy your hot water needs.

Energy Efficient

Intelligent Control

Quiet Operation


Industrial Heat Pumps

Our industrial heat pumps are best-in-class for your business heating solutions. These pumps offer efficient energy, reduced carbon emission and lower energy costs. Upscale your business with our advanced heating solution. Fulfil your heating needs with our durable industrial heat pumps.

Energy Savings

Efficient Heat Transfer


Systematic Designing

room heating system

Room Heating Solutions

Our room heating solutions will keep your home warm. These room heating solutions give you energy-saving and environment-friendly and come with quiet fans. They have world-class compressors and can work at -20 degrees Celsius. Choose from low- and high-temperature pumps to suit your needs.

Superior Quality​

Optimized Heating

Ambient Temperature


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