Types Of Water Heating Systems

Flat Plate water heater

With the rise in global warming affecting all things on this planet, people have started taking the initiative to do their bit to help reduce pollution and wastage, making the environment green again. One of the biggest steps is the replacement of traditional sources of energy and switching them with natural sources of energy like solar power. The energy from the sun is harnessed using solar products and is converted into electricity and heat.

Solar water heating system is an efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional and more energy-consuming products like an electric geyser or heating water using wood or fossil fuels, which can generate a lot of carbon footprint and utility bills. Water heating systems come in different types to cater to different heating needs in different settings. This blog will break down the types of water heating systems and their uses for better understanding.

Water Heating Systems: Innovation At Its Best

A solar water heating system uses solar energy to heat water for residential and commercial uses. These systems employ circulating pumps and controls for circulating water or heat transfer fluids through solar collectors. The tube or flat plate in these systems absorbs the heat and transfers it to the fluid that flows through these tubes or plate-like boxes. After this, the heated fluid or water is transferred into a storage tank that lets you use it anytime you want. 
Some water heaters pump the water through the solar collectors and the storage tank. To choose an efficient solar water heating system, you need to take the climate, geographical location, and water usage into consideration. These high-tech water heating systems do not affect the environment and can save money when it comes to paying bills in the long run. Thus, this modern equipment is especially useful in regions with plenty of sunshine over the course of the year.

Water Heating Systems: Its Types And Features

Solar water heaters can be largely divided into active and passive water heaters, and other different variants come under them. Today, we will talk about the two of the most popular water heater systems.

Flat Plate Water Heater

  • This water heater is designed using flat rectangular panels to collect sunlight and a heat transfer pipe to transfer heat to the water in the storage tank. 
  • With high heating effectiveness and lower energy wastage, these systems leave a smaller carbon footprint. 
  • They usually come with a temperature and pressure relief valve and low-emissivity (low-E) surface absorber plates for safe and efficient heating. 

They are protected from overperformance on hot days and when there is low water usage. These systems are also suitable for freeze-prone or harsh water quality areas and also heat hard water with more than 80 ppm hardness.

Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) Water Heater

  • This system consists of rows of parallel glass tubes containing heat pipes for heat transfer to the water storage tank. 
  • Most of them have sacrificial anodic corrosion protection, which makes them weatherproof and a long-lasting product. 
  • They are one of the most efficient and eco-friendly water heating solutions and can heat up to 100 litres with just 4.6 units of electricity, saving up to 90% of your water heating costs.

One upside of ETC water heaters is that they are seamlessly integrated with any existing water heating infrastructure. Solar product manufacturers use the latest technology to design and excel in areas where diffuse radiation prevails, making these tubes highly functional, especially for regions with low sunlight, which makes them efficient even in rainy and cloudy atmospheres.


Using a solar water heating system gives you a lot of benefits as compared to other resources like electrical geysers, which use a lot of power and increase carbon footprint and, of course, the costs. These water heaters utilise solar energy, not only saving utility bills but also the environment. Switching to solar water heaters is an efficient and sustainable way of using renewable energy while enjoying the comfort and luxury of hot water in residential and commercial spaces.
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