Trust Residential Heat Pumps To Keep Your Loved One’s Warm


Modern households rely on energy-saving machines for a better life. Hot water has been relevant for ages, and humans have used various methods to obtain it. The latest technology in hot water is heat pumps, which are the best way to use eco-friendly energy to provide you with hot water. The residential heat pumps provide hot water by collecting heat from the outside air and transferring it to the water, making it hot.


New-age houses require an intelligent and innovative heating solution, and these heat pumps are the best way to keep you and your family warm without using much energy. These heat pumps transfer energy from surroundings rather than generating heat, making them energy-saving products compared to traditional heating solutions like electric heaters. You may want to get one, that’s good, but you should know about the features and applications of these heat pumps. Let’s unravel the benefits of these heat pumps and understand why they are the best heating equipment for your home. 

Salient Features 

Residential Heat Pumps have a boatload of features that make them an attractive choice for hot water needs in your home. The Australian engineering of our heat pumps guarantees the quality, build material, and efficiency. These heat pumps require less energy to produce more heat and provide consistent hot water.

  • Longer Product Life

Using premium quality steel and paint ensures these heat pumps have a longer product life. The advanced technology has enabled us to provide you with the best heating solutions that will work around the clock to provide hot water.

  • Extreme Work Temperature

These heat pumps can work in extreme temperatures, from -5 to 43 degrees Celsius. The best quality and durable build technology enables these heat pumps to provide a maximum water outlet temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

  • Robust Design

Top-notch compressors like Copeland and Panasonic/Rotary are used in these heat pumps, and the design is made to uplift the performance and provide efficient heat transfer. The outdoor unit has a side discharge air outlet providing maximum heat transfer.

  • Sustainable

The utilisation of natural sources like air to transfer heat into the water is a sustainable solution for fulfilling your hot water needs. This process produces zero carbon emissions, an eco-friendly choice for your home.

  • Low Maintenance

These heat pumps require very little maintenance due to the quality engineering and premium components used in their manufacturing. Although yearly checks are advised for the proper functioning of the pumps occasionally to ensure optimum efficiency in providing hot water.

The Range of Heat Pumps

Our company provides a wide range of these heat pumps, each with unique features. One common thing among all heat pumps is the quality assurance we provide. You will get the best heating solutions for your home with us, and you can save a lot on your expenses with our energy-efficient heat pumps. Our primary residential heat pumps include the Superia+, Superia, Imperia and Integrated Heat Pumps.

You enjoy the features of hot and cold water in our Superia+ and Superia series, and you can avail of hot water in the Imperia series. Enjoy luxury and elegance with Superia +, as it is the best-in-class hot water system, providing quality and excellence. The Superia and Imperia heat pumps save 70-80% of electricity for your home, becoming a cost-saving machine for hot water.   The build quality of these heat pumps is ensured by premium-grade stainless steel, and they are engineered in Australia, which is a testament to their proficiency in providing hot water solutions for your home.

Why Choose Them For Your Home?

The primary reason to choose these heat pumps for your home is the energy saving they do. Numerous other benefits will convince you to install a heat pump in your home. Let’s understand all the advantages of using a heat pump and why these are the future of household heating.

  • Energy-Efficiency

The heat pumps transfer energy rather than generate it, making them more efficient for making the water hot. These heat pumps require less input energy and produce more heat, and your savings on energy are incredible.

  • Eco-Friendly Heating

Using electricity to transfer heat from the surroundings to the water is an eco-friendly process of providing hot water, which reduces the strain on the environment by zero carbon emissions. This heating solution will pave the way for a greener and better future for generations to come.

  • Lower Running Costs

These heat pumps require less energy input to create heat and use less electricity, making them a cost-saving heat solution. Your electricity bills will now be lower, all thanks to the modern engineering and cutting-edge technology companies used to manufacture these pumps.

  • Extremely Quiet Operation

The whisper-quiet fans of these heat pumps ensure that you and your neighbours are never disturbed by the operation of these heat pumps. The very low noise also means there is no sound pollution. Accessing hot water has never been so easy and convenient.

  • Hot and Cold Feature

The versatile feature of hot and cold water makes these heat pumps a lucrative choice for your home. Get consistent hot water in winter and cold water in the summer at just the touch of a button.  


Heat pumps are revolutionising how hot water is obtained using electricity, which puts less strain on the environment. These heat pumps can operate at extreme temperatures to provide hot water any time of the day. This impressive durability and reliability is due to the advanced technology as our heat pumps are engineered in Australia. The use of top-notch compressors in the heat pump further increases their efficiency. If you want a heat pump for your home, you should trust only the best manufacturer to get the promised quality. 

Inter Solar Systems [since 1997] is India’s best heat pump manufacturer and we know exactly what you want. Select the best heat pump from our range of residential heat pumps. The superior quality and efficiency promise you will get hot water all year round. Switch to our eco-friendly and cost-saving heat pumps to give your lifestyle the warmth it needs. Contact us now and get your home a new heat pump that will keep you warm and work so quietly you won’t even notice.

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