The Royal Regency



The Royal Regency is a prestigious hotel located in Kullu. Decided to implement a sustainable and energy-efficient solution by installing a solar water heating system. The main objectives of the project were to reduce the hotel’s dependency on traditional sources for water heating, minimize the hotel’s carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability and ensure a reliable and efficient hot water supply for guests and staff. The intersolar heating system incorporated the heat pump with a collector area of 60 square meters. The system is designed to utilize solar energy for heating water through collectors, storage tanks, and associated piping.

Capacity :

3000 liters per day (LPD).

Collector Area :

Area of 60 square meters.

Design and Configuration :

Set of collectors, storage tanks, and associated piping.

Control Mechanism :

Automatic temperature and pressure control

Date of installation :



Project Challenges

Solar water heating requires regular maintenance, like any mechanical system, to ensure optimal performance. The main challenge lay in scheduling and conducting routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning the collectors, inspecting the system for leaks or damages, and replacing faulty components. Additionally, prompt action must be taken to minimize downtime and maximize system efficiency if any repairs are needed.


Project Solution

The Royal Regency’s installation of a solar water heating system with a capacity of 3000 LPD and a collector area of 60 square meters in 2020 was a successful project. The system’s satisfactory functioning allowed the establishment to benefit from renewable energy, reduce energy costs, minimize environmental impact, and establish a positive reputation as a sustainable organization. The Royal Regency’s commitment to embracing solar energy showcases its dedication to a greener future and inspires other establishments seeking to adopt similar sustainable practices.
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