T.C Spinners Pvt. Ltd.



T.C Spinners Pvt. Ltd. is a leading textile manufacturing company that operates on a large scale. In 2020, the company undertook an initiative to address its energy consumption and environmental sustainability by installing a solar generation plant by Intersolar with a capacity of 60KW. Since its installation, the system has been functioning satisfactorily, providing efficient renewable energy to power the company’s operations smoothly.
This project overview aims to highlight the motivations behind the project, the installation process, and the positive impact it has had on T.C Spinners Pvt. Ltd.

Plant Capacity :


Year of Installation :


Electricity Usage :

270 Kwh

Average Hours :

300 days


Project Challenges

Due to its extensive manufacturing operations, T.C Spinners Pvt. Ltd. had a substantial energy demand. This resulted in high utility costs and dependency on conventional fossil fuel-based energy sources that caused a higher carbon footprint. The company’s energy-intensive processes also contributed to environmental degradation and climate change.


Project Solution

T.C Spinners Pvt. Ltd. recognized the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts. By consulting and using Intersolar, the company aimed to reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources, consequently lowering its operational costs in the long run. The solar generation plant provided T.C Spinners Pvt. Ltd. with a degree of energy independence, ensuring a consistent power supply for its manufacturing processes even during fluctuations in the grid supply.
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