The Indian Government Promoting Solar Energy With “Suryodaya Yojana”

Solar Panels


Solar energy is the fuel that powers India’s future and boosts its development. India is blessed with abundant sunlight as our country has more than 320 sunny days a year and has a great potential to produce solar energy. The solar market has a considerable upside potential, and the benefits that come with solar energy make it a lucrative energy source. Solar product manufacturers are also developing the latest solar panels with greater efficiency and lower costs. With the help of the private sector and the Indian government, the future of solar energy looks as bright as the first ray of the sun.

Recently, India’s government has announced a big announcement about launching a scheme that will integrate solar energy into ordinary households. Such a big step points towards the increased demand for energy-efficient solar PV panels and the growth of the solar product market and manufacturers. Could solar energy be adopted at such a large scale? We will understand the motive behind the recent announcement made by the Indian government and unravel the future of solar energy in India.

A Big Statement

Whenever the government takes a bold step, the motive behind the step is to empower the growth and development of the nation. The prime minister of India announced the government’s initiative to start “Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana” across the country. The idea behind this initiative is to promote electricity generation through solar energy. The solar PV panels market can see a surge in the upcoming days due to an increased demand for PV panels. 

The people of India should have an independent source of energy that can positively impact their lifestyle and inspire them to contribute their efforts towards the development of society. The government aims to install rooftop solar in nearly one crore households. Such a massive installation of PV panels across the country needs consistent efforts from the authorities as well as the solar panel manufacturing companies. The goal is to make India self-reliant in terms of energy, and such a step is crucial when the country is passing through a constructive stage of development.

Why Solar Panels

The reason why the Indian government is announcing solar panel installation is due to the benefits that these energy-efficient panels provide to the general public and the environment. Let us understand some of these solar PV panels’ benefits and why they should be installed in every Indian home.

1. Saves Money

The most prominent advantage of solar panels is that it saves you a lot of money on your electricity bills as solar energy fulfils your electricity needs for routine work. The payback period of the solar PV panels is also significantly less, which adds to the product’s value proposition. If you are producing surplus energy, you can also sell it back to the grid and make some money. 

2. Long Lasting Panels

The lifespan of solar PV panels is usually around 25 years, and their efficiency remains very high throughout their lifespan, making them a lucrative investment for your house. Once the money saved from the PV panels has balanced your initial investment, you can enjoy free electricity for an extended period.

3. Clean And Green Energy

With the world leading towards a darker future due to large-scale pollution, solar panels are a ray of hope for a brighter future. They help fight climate change as they offer you clean and green power. The minimal carbon footprint lightens the strain on the environment and reduces your dependence on other sources of energy that create more pollution. 

4. Easy Maintenance

To keep making clean and green energy, you must ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of the PV panels. As complex as their technology sounds, the maintenance process is relatively easier. Anytime you feel an issue or problem with your solar panel, the service experts are just a call away. Timely maintenance of the panels will help in providing consistent energy production.

5. Renewable Energy

One of the primary reasons why you should switch to solar energy from conventional energy is the exhaustion factor. Unlike traditional energy sources like coal, solar energy is renewable energy, which means the sun is a non-exhaustible source of power. As long as there is sunlight, you can use solar PV panels to make electricity and power your homes and business premises. 

6. Reduced Foreign Dependency On Fossil Fuel

Almost 70 per cent of the energy produced in India is made with the help of coal. With inadequate coal resources, we have to rely on imports. The advent of solar panels in each home will promote electricity generation through sunlight, and we can achieve self-reliance in energy production, which will reduce our foreign dependency on fossil fuels. Self-reliance will reduce our foreign imports.

The Future Of Solar In India

India has great potential to make use of renewable energy sources, and the placement of our country on the world map also puts us in a favourable spot where we receive ample sunlight to convert it into electricity. The government is also taking significant steps, such as establishing solar farms to reap the benefits of solar energy. The latest technology also plays a vital role in empowering the nation’s growth as more advanced panels make generating electricity at a low cost easier.  

Initiatives like the “Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana” are a significant leap towards a cleaner and greener future. The solar panel industry is also experiencing major growth, with urban cities switching to solar energy as the cost of living rises with inflation. Solar energy can significantly save you money on energy bills and has a lower payback period, providing you with energy independence for years to come.


The benefits and unique features of solar panels are excellent motivations for people to switch to renewable energy. Such a shift would be slow but adamant. As society learns to upgrade their lifestyle with green energy, the dependence on other energy sources will reduce, sustaining them for future generations. With more initiatives like these from government authorities, India can be a world leader in renewable energy. A small step taken by you can shape the future of our country.If you also want to contribute towards the development of India through green energy, get your phone and contact us. We are one of India’s leading solar panel manufacturing companies, and our solar products include a wide range of solar PV panels and solar water heaters. Our solar PV panels are all you need to say goodbye to those high electricity bills and say hello to environmental-friendly energy. Trust us with your green energy needs.

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