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Bifacial Solar Modules

Experience the power of next-generation solar technology with our high-efficiency bifacial solar modules. These cutting-edge modules capture sunlight from both sides, maximising energy generation and efficiency. These modules can create up to 30% more electricity than standard solar panels by catching sunlight reflected off surfaces such as the ground or surrounding structures. With their outstanding performance and greater yield, bifacial solar modules provide a revolutionary alternative for optimising energy production and offering remarkable returns on investment. 

Bifacials Solar Module


Bifacial Solar Modules

Type of Module

Bifacial Solar Panels

Type Of Cell

Mono Crystalline

Module Matrix

72 Mono PERC (144 half-cells)

Glass Type

Low Iron Solar Textured Glass(Anti- Glare Glass- Tempered)


2278*1134*35 mm


Anodized Aluminium Alloy



Cell Encapsulant Type

Polyolefin (POE)/EPE

Mechanical Load Test

5400 pa (Snow Load), 2400 Pa (Wind Load)


Uncover Unmatched Savings

Our upgraded modules can create electricity from both sides and improve overall system performance, resulting in significant cost savings. These modules maximise energy output and boost the overall energy yield of your solar installation. This means you can save more money on your electricity costs, reduce the time it takes to repay your investment and achieve faster returns

25 Years

Panel Warranty 

40 mm

Panel Width 


Customer Support

Energy Storage

Guaranteed Steady Energy Flow

Our bifacial solar modules enable you to optimise energy output and maximise the return on your solar investment by ensuring a consistent energy flow. With our modern modules, you have the assurance of a steady power source while also embracing the future of sustainable energy.

Solar Panels

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Discover The Benefits

Bifacial solar panel modules have several benefits that make them an attractive choice for harnessing solar energy. Unlock the potential of bifacial solar modules and enjoy a variety of advantages.

More energy production than typical solar panels

Maximise energy output by capturing reflected light

Maintains consistent power generation

Provides long-lasting performance

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