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Poly Crystalline Panels

Embrace the power of the sun with our advanced poly-crystalline solar panels. These unique panels have a special efficiency assessment, ensuring maximum energy conversion and exceptional performance. We built our poly-crystalline panels to provide added power output even under harsh environmental circumstances by using the latest breakthroughs in solar technology. Our poly-crystalline solar panels have a unique multi-crystalline silicon structure that allows them to efficiently catch sunlight and turn it into clean, renewable electricity. Because of its high conversion efficiency, you can generate more energy from a smaller footprint, optimising space utilisation and enhancing total system efficiency.


For Power-Packed Performance

Type Of Module

IS-260/24 IS-320/24/ IS-335/24

Type Of Cell


Module Matrix

10x6 (60 pcs) 12x6 (72 pcs)


1645*990 mm ; 1985*1000 mm


Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Relative Humidity

0 TO 100%

Cell Encapsulant Type

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Mechanical Load Test

5400 pa

Glass Type

High transmittance low iron tempered glass


Optimal Performance With Innovation

With the help of these panels, you can efficiently capture solar energy to produce clean electricity, reducing your reliance on conventional power sources. Utilising the plentiful solar resource not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also reduces energy costs, making polycrystalline solar panels an intelligent and sustainable choice for a better future.

25 Years

Panel Warranty 

40 mm

Panel Width


Customer Service

Energy Storage

Uninterrupted Energy Throughout

With polycrystalline solar panels, your energy production even continues when the sun sets. The surplus energy produced by these superior quality panels can be stored in solar batteries so that you can use it at night or when there is little sunlight.

Reliable Perks

Discover The Benefits

With the help of polycrystalline solar panels, you can expect a sustainable future while benefiting from solar energy’s long-term financial and environmental advantages. 

Lower your electricity bills and save money in the long run

Make the world a cleaner, greener place

Escape from power interruptions through energy independence

Panels built to withstand various weather situations

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