How Does Solar PV Panels Help You Fight Rising Electricity Prices

Solar products have been around for a while, but they are yet to be fully harnessed to their maximum potential. We at Inter Solar Systems help you in reducing energy consumption costs. As the cost of living rises each day, basic amenities like electricity have become more expensive. It has instead become a luxury in today’s time. So, it’s time to switch to the new era of cost-efficient electricity. Let’s look at how solar PV panels help you fight rising electricity prices.

Rising electricity prices 

The demand for essential utilities like electricity has increased with a rising population. But the main bottleneck this demand faces is an insufficient supply of electricity. Thus, inadequate supply leads to rising electricity prices.

The average cost of state electricity supplied in India has risen from Rupees 3.55 per kWh in 2010 to Rupees 6.29 per kWh in 2022. 

The advent of solar power panels comes into play here as the cost of electricity consumption is reduced significantly. These panels give a 20% energy saving, which will help cut your energy consumption expenses.

Effect of our solar panels on your energy cost

Your energy costs are reduced to a great extent by using solar power. Solar panels generate constant electricity, reducing your dependency on traditional power sources and lowering power costs. 

Our BIPV SOLAR modules have a lifespan of 25 years. The longer life span helps you harness cost-efficient solar power for an elongated period. These modules can eliminate energy costs if you plan your energy consumption over the years.

How much savings can you do with solar panels?

These panels give you a whopping 20% energy saving, and most panels provide excellent energy efficiency. Suppose a 3 kW solar energy system generates 3750 units of electricity annually; you save 3750 units annually, and if you multiply the tariff of a single unit by the units produced, you get a total estimate of your savings. Calculate your ” solar saving potential ” with our savings calculator present on the website.

You also get various concessions and subsidies on solar panel installation that reduce your total investment cost. That means your expenses are getting less and less.

Will solar panels get costly over time?

You have to incur the initial investment, and then you can enjoy energy savings. Unlike the traditional electricity supply, which gets more expensive due to inflationary pressures, our solar energy will get cheaper with time. 

Yes, you heard it right! Once you have paid off the solar system’s initial investments, you can enjoy electricity free of cost. Let’s calculate how many years you need to wait for PV panels to give you actual returns : 

  1. Calculate the total cost of solar system installation    
  2. Deduct the subsidies and concessions available to you 
  3. You have a net amount invested in solar panels [ 1 – 2 ]
  4. Calculate annual electricity savings done through solar power generation 
  5. The payback period in years will be : [ 3 / 4 ]

You can also convert the solar panel into a source of income by selling the surplus energy back to the grids. This process is called net metering, which allows you to get that extra cashback from solar panels.

Other benefits of solar energy

Renewable energy – Besides helping you reduce electricity expenses, this energy source is renewable, which means it will remain till the end of time, so there are no worries about its exhaustion. Solar panels become an independent energy source if you have little leverage of being in a well-lighted area.

Low maintenance – The solar panels demand minimal maintenance, significantly relieving you from repairs. These panels are required to be cleaned twice a year by professionals. Other components of solar panels also have a long shelf life, further reducing annual maintenance costs.

Less dependency on other sources of energy – The trend of solar energy panels has reduced the reliance on other sources of energy like coal and gas, which ultimately reduces carbon emissions. It leads to a better environment for future generations.

Various uses – Electricity generated through PV panels can be used for various electrical appliances in residential or commercial spaces. Such a pure form of energy is versatile and completely reliable for your energy consumption needs.

Clean and green energy – The harnessing and consumption of solar power leave next to no carbon footprint, making it a clean and pollution-free energy source. This method of power generation acts as a sustainable energy source that helps improve environmental sustainability.


As the trend of using solar panels is catching up with modern energy solutions, Inter Solar Systems is your one-stop shop with a wide range of Solar PV panels that help you save costs. We are India’s leading solar product manufacturer and will help you shift to a new mode of independent power. Solar energy will save you money with low solar panel costs.

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