Factors Affecting Solar System Removal & Reinstallation Cost

Solar Panels

India has almost 365 days of sunlight exposure in a year, and this exposure is one of the most essential constituents of our country’s sustainable development roadmap. Its geographical location puts India in a good position in the solar revolution since widespread solar energy usage will be monumental in India. Therefore, Indian households must understand the financial implications of installing solar rooftop systems and ensuring timely solar panel maintenance

There could be several reasons why it is necessary to remove and reinstall solar rooftop systems. Having an appropriate budget to do this work is critical to continuing to reap the benefits of solar energy. This blog will guide homeowners in developing budgets and plans for removing and reinstalling solar panels, along with the circumstances that lead to the reinstallation of solar rooftop panels. 

Average Cost Of Solar Panel Installation

The cost of installing rooftop solar systems for the first time in India varies so much for several reasons: the size of the system, the technology running in it, and the efficiency of the person installing it. The average investment required for a household is between INR 40,000 and INR 60,000 per kilowatt, including equipment and installation charges. 

This investment is the first step towards energy independence and sustainability for many homes across the country. If you avail of government subsidies on such installations, the total amount is reduced by a considerable portion. After installation, the removal and reinstallation process also involves significant costs, which depend on the size of the solar panel system and your quality preference. You may want to reinstall the whole system or just a few damaged panels.

Factors Affecting The Removal & Reinstallation Costs

Getting rooftop solar systems removed and reinstalled is a mammoth task, and you will need significant monetary resources. The customers’ preference is the most critical factor affecting the cost of removing and reinstalling solar panels.

Solar Panel Type

    The cost structure of their removal and reinstallation depends on which kind of solar panel you have, whether monocrystalline, polycrystalline, BIPV, or bifacial. Monocrystalline panels may require more delicate handling than their other counterparts due to the intricacy of the technology.

    Choice Of Service Provider

      The pricing policy of the service providers within this niche usually fluctuates and is characterised by the experience and reputation of the solar panel service provider. Though it might be costlier than the rest, a reputable service provider ensures the exercise is done smoothly and is more reliable.

      Installation Charges

        Labour costs in removing and reinstalling can also vary significantly and affect the total budget required for the process. Those charges are influenced by the scope of work, the expertise and the time needed for more complex installations, which call for higher labour costs. Solar System Size & Quality Of Components

          The size of the solar system, coupled with the quality of the components, will definitely play a vital role in deciding the cost to be paid. Larger systems naturally have more quality material and more labour, which costs more money. The resources invested in the removal and reinstallation process would be more for a more extensive system than for a smaller solar system.

          Roof Type & Condition

            The removal and reinstallation cost also depends on how easily the panels can be taken down and put back up. Fragile or delicate roofing materials may warrant special care and thus may reflect more cost in the project. If your roof needs repair, then you certainly need a bigger budget for this project.

            Ease Of Accessibility

              Of course, ease of access to the roof is a factor in the labour needed for the job. Roofs that are difficult to access or require special equipment for secure placement can add considerable costs to the job. If the roofs are easily accessible, the cost of solar panel removal and reinstallation will be comparatively less.

              Reasons For Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

              We have briefly discussed the factors determining solar panel removal and reinstallation costs. There could be numerous reasons why any person would want to get their solar PV panels removed and reinstalled. Let us give you an insight into what circumstances necessitate the removal and reinstallation of PV panels.

              Upgrading To The Latest Technology Panels

                Technology is a part of our lives that needs constant updates, and if you have reaped the benefits and want to upgrade to the newest solar PV panels, then you should plan out a budget to replace the old panels with the new ones.

                Relocation Of Your Home

                  Moving to a new home does not mean leaving your solar investment behind. Your solar system can be removed and re-installed for affordable pricing compared to buying it altogether.

                  Potential Repair Of The Solar Panels

                    PV panels sometimes require service due to a problem or need to be removed for repairs. Once the repairs are done, they will be reinstalled by the service technician. In other cases, minor solar panel maintenance and repairs need not be removed. 

                    Repairing The Roof 

                      Any repair or renovation work on the roof will necessitate the removal of solar PV panels. In that case, you need to get your rooftop solar system removed by a professional service technician and keep it safely in a designated space of your home.


                      We discussed the various factors determining solar rooftop system removal and reinstallation costs. As India moves towards a greener tomorrow, understanding the structure of solar rooftop system costs becomes essential for households to make informed decisions. The costs could depend on wide-ranging factors, including the type of solar PV panels and service provider, installation charges, size of the solar system, type of roof, and accessibility for removing and possibly reinstalling the solar panels.
                      From upgrading to newer panels to shifting or repairing roofs, Indian households are now looking to solar energy as a practicable and sustainable energy source. With such ambitious solar energy goals, India becomes an epitome for many countries to benefit from the solar realm, reaping sustainability and independence from traditional energy. Trust Inter Solar Systems [Since 1997] has the best quality solar PV panels as our company has been the industry leader in solar products.

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