Shining A Light On Solar: The Future Of Clean Energy

Among the growing concern of Global Warming or depletion of the Ozone layer, the new era indeed has become more conscious of the environment. Reducing the carbon footprint is the hot topic for which the concept of clean energy was introduced. Clean energy is basically the summation of our regular emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This results from our daily release of pollutants through transportation, energy consumption and food production using some form of fossil fuels. 

Incorporating clean energy into our daily lives can help mitigate climate change’s impact. Now one such form of renewable energy is the popular Solar Power. Widely being adopted worldwide, solar energy has proven to be more reliable and advanced. It is fastly becoming a bandwagon in the renewable forms of energy. 

While the present seems pleasant for solar energy, with continuous technological advancements and lifestyle changes, it’s imperative to look into what the future holds for all. In this blog, we’ve compiled critical information on the current trends and forecasts of the solar industry. 

Firstly, let’s begin by understanding the significance of renewable energy.

Why Renewable Energy Is Important

“Renewable energy” is a widely accepted term. Using fossil fuels like coal and petroleum is causing Worrisome impacts on the climate, resulting in extreme weather conditions such as high tides and unusual wind shifts, causing many areas prone to calamities. Renewable energy offers some rays of optimism, nevertheless.

We know that clean, abundant and sustainable energy sources are none other than Solar, Wind and Hydropower. These sources have no harmful effect on the environment and hugely contribute to cleaning our air. The value of renewable energy resources goes beyond preserving the environment. A multitude of opportunities is to be provided by it, such as increased job opportunities, accessible electricity in outskirts or unexplored areas and energy independence.

And this poses a question in front of all. 

  • Is Clean Energy The Future

As we move towards a more environmentally conscious world, it’s an important question everyone’s seeking answers for. And fortunately, clean energy is no longer rocket science or a pipe dream. It’s growing at a fast pace. It’s revolutionising the way we power our homes, business and even our parking lots. The best thing, though? Since it is renewable, we will never run out. Hence with countless perks, including cost savings and enhanced air quality, clean energy is believed to be the future. 

The Best Clean Energy Source For the Future

The quest for the best clean energy source is an undying investigation. Yet to date, the ultimate source of energy for the present and the future, there’s nothing more convenient and accessible than Solar power. Sun’s energy is virtually limitless, and with growing tech, it has become quite easy to harness its power. 

Solar energy can transform how we power our homes today due to its low costs, high efficacy and clean nature. We can now generate electricity without burning fossil fuels or harming the environment because of everything from tiny home solar panels to massive solar farms. What’s best? The solar energy system is always improving. The sun will unquestionably lead the competition for the finest renewable energy source of the future as new research and development lead to even more effective and creative ways to harness its power.

Future Predictions For Solar Energy 

In past decades, solar energy has advanced significantly. Back in 2010, the world market was limited and heavily reliant on the subsidy systems of various nations. By 2030, most of the energy generated in homes or offices will be through solar. Experts claim that the continuous reductions in the overall costs will result in approximately 50% deductions in electricity bills in the coming future. Higher-efficiency modules are already being developed; they can provide 1.5 times as much power as currently available, comparably sized modules thanks to a technique known as tandem silicon cells. 

So what’s the future of solar energy? Solar energy will undoubtedly achieve a levelized cost that will make it unbeatable in many parts of the world compared to fossil fuels. Solar energy is flexible and easy to use, and it can run everything from a watch to an entire city. Over the following 10 years, this should increase solar installation. Not to forget, it’s our solar companies‘ continuous commitment to make this vision of a sustainable future come true step by step. One such solar panel manufacturer, Intersoalr Systems, is working massively to provide more affordable and reliable solar energy solutions in India. The day is not far when India will be known as the Solar capital of the world. Let’s go solar!

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