Rajwant Industries



Intersolar was awarded the RI/PO/127 work order on 9th February 2021 to install and commission a 32kW grid-connected rooftop solar power plant for Rajwant Industries. The project’s objective was to enable Rajwant Industries to harness renewable solar energy and reduce its dependence on conventional electricity sources, contributing to sustainable energy consumption and environmental preservation. The project scope included designing, procuring, installing, and commissioning a 32kW grid-connected rooftop solar power plant. The system was integrated with the existing electrical infrastructure of Rajwant Industries, ensuring seamless power supply to their operations while enabling excess energy export to the grid.

Project Type :

Rooftop Solar Water Plant

Capacity :

32 KW

Project Installation :


Project Aim:

Environment Sustainability


Project Challenges

The installation and operation of a solar power plant are subject to various local regulations and permissions. It is essential to verify whether all the necessary permits and compliances have been obtained for the project at Rajwant Industries, Plot no. 227, Phase 9 Industrial Focal Point, Mohali, Pb. Non-compliance can lead to legal issues and penalties.


Project Solution

Intersolar successfully installed and commissioned the 32kW grid-connected rooftop solar power plant at Rajwant Industries. The system has operated satisfactorily since 11th May 2022, providing the client with clean energy and cost savings. The issued certificate ensures the project’s compliance and serves as evidence of the successful completion of the solar power plant installation.
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