Hotel Sunbeam Premium



Hotel Sunbeam Premium is a luxury hotel located in an urban area. In 2015, after joining hands with Intersolar, the hotel installed a pump with a capacity of 32 KW to meet the water supply demands of the establishment. The installation of the 32 KW pump was aimed at enhancing the hotel’s water supply infrastructure. The pump was chosen to ensure efficient water distribution throughout the facility, including guest rooms, restaurants, kitchens, and other amenities. The original installation done by Intersolar involved comprehensive planning, procurement, and installation processes in integrating the pump seamlessly into the hotel’s plumbing network.
Intersolar provided a robust solution for all kinds of pressure and flow rates for various purposes within the hotel. The pump system is equipped with modern features to ensure energy efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Project Type :

Heat Pump

Capacity :

32 KW

Project Installation :


Safe Person Hours :

10,45,000 years

Location :

Sector 22, Chandigarh


Project Challenges

Before the Installation, Hotel Sunbeam Premium was experiencing fluctuations in water flow, leading to inconvenience for guests and operational inefficiencies for the staff. The hotel also faced low water pressure issues, particularly during peak usage periods, which affected guest satisfaction and overall service quality. The existing water supply system had significant limitations in distributing water evenly across the hotel premises, resulting in inadequate water supply in some areas.


Project Solution

The installation of the 32 KW pump in 2015 at Hotel Sunbeam Premium has proven to be a successful investment. The system has consistently provided the hotel with a reliable water supply, meeting the demands of both staff and guests. With regular maintenance and a focus on future considerations, the hotel remains committed to ensuring the continued efficient operation of the pump system while exploring potential enhancements to improve sustainability and performance further.
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