Hotel Silmog Garden



Hotel Silmorg Garden, a premier hotel known for its commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, embarked on a project in 1997 to install a solar water heating system on its premises. This project aimed to harness renewable energy and reduce the hotel’s reliance on conventional electricity for heating water, resulting in significant cost savings and environmental benefits. The project involved installing a total of 5000 litres per day (LPD) solar water heating system at Hotel Silmorg Garden. The plan was strategically integrated into the hotel’s infrastructure to efficiently capture and utilize solar energy for heating water in guest amenities such as showers, baths, and swimming pools.

Project Type :

Solar Water Heating Systems

Capacity :

5000 LPD

Project Installation :


Performance :



Project Challenges

The reliance on electric water heaters posed several challenges for the hotel. Before installing the solar water heating system, Hotel Silmorg Garden faced the problem of high electricity bills due to the extensive use of conventional water heating methods. The hotel heavily relied on electric water heaters to meet the hot water demand of its guests, which resulted in significant energy consumption and expensive utility costs. 


Project Solution

The extensive use of electric water heaters led to high energy consumption, increasing the electricity bills for Hotel Silmorg Garden. This not only impacted the hotel’s profitability but also had a negative environmental impact due to increased carbon emissions. To address the challenges Hotel Silmorg Garden faces, a comprehensive project solution involving integrating the existing solar water heating system and implementing energy-efficient practices can be proposed. This solution reduces energy consumption, lowers utility costs, and enhances guest satisfaction.
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