The Solar Pool Heating Project was initiated by the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) to provide sustainable and cost-effective heating solutions for swimming pools in the sports stadiums located in sectors 59, 63, 71, and 78 of S.A.S Nagar. Intersolar Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of solar energy solutions, was awarded the project through GMADA’s letter number 2687 dated 17/07/2012. The main objective of this project was to install solar water heating systems in the swimming pools of GMADA sports stadiums. The plans were designed to utilize renewable solar energy to heat the pool water, reducing the reliance on conventional heating methods and minimizing operational costs.

Project Type :

Solar Pool Heating System

Location :

S.A.S Nagar, Mohali

Project Installation :


Project Aim :

Renewable Solar Energy


Project Challenges

GMADA used conventional methods to heat the swimming pool water, primarily electric or gas-powered heaters. This resulted in high energy consumption and increased utility costs for GMADA. The extensive energy usage not only strained the financial resources of GMADA but also harmed the environment due to the associated carbon emissions. Additionally, the high operational costs limited the budget for other maintenance and development projects in the Sports Stadiums, potentially hindering the overall progress of the facilities.


Project Solution

The objective of the project solution was to optimize the utilization of solar water heating systems installed in the swimming pools of GMADA Sports Stadiums in sectors 59, 63, 71, and 78 in S.A.S Nagar. The solution aims to enhance the solar water heating system’s efficiency, maintenance, and performance, ensuring uninterrupted hot water availability for swimming pool users. Automated controls to optimize the operation of the solar water heating systems based on the swimming pool usage patterns were done to ensure efficient operation and reduce energy wastage.
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