Apple Country



Intersolar Systems Pvt. Ltd. installed 11,000 LPD solar water heating systems at Apple Country Resort in Manali. The project aimed to provide the resort with a sustainable and reliable source of hot water, reducing its dependence on traditional fuel sources and promoting environmental responsibility. This project overview highlights Intersolar’s successful implementation of solar water heating systems and the positive outcomes achieved.

Project Type :

Solar Water Heating System

Capacity :

11,000 LPD

Project Installation :


Location :



Project Challenges

Apple Country Resort heavily relied on diesel-based water heating systems to meet the hot water demand for its guests. Diesel fuel was expensive and contributed to high operating costs, impacting the resort’s profitability. Also, the resort’s dependence on diesel-based water heating systems increased carbon emissions and environmental pollution. This contradicted the resort’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.


Project Solution

After installing 11,000 LPD (Liters Per Day) solar water heating systems by Intesolar Systems Pvt. Ltd. at Apple Country Resort in Manali in 2005, the resort has experienced numerous benefits and satisfactory performance. Solar water heating systems have provided convenience to customers and have been a reliable source of hot water.
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