Flat Plate Water Heater

Convert Sunlight
to Energy

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Price for solar


Weatherproof PPO

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Flat Plate Water Heater

Our flat plate water heaters are designed to give great solar services with performance that will guarantee the highest level of comfort and longevity. The high efficiency of the heat pipe type flat plate collector is the beating heart of our flat plate water heating system. By enabling effective heat transfers, our state-of-the-art technology makes sure that solar energy is used to its fullest. You may experience higher heating effectiveness, lower energy expenses, and leave a smaller carbon imprint while using our flat plate heater! With a constant supply of hot water and no jargon, our flat plate heater will guarantee that your system is operational all year round.

Flat Plate Water Heater


For Power-Packed Performance


Flat and Rectangular Type

Absorber Plate

Low-emissivity (low-E) surface


Typically tempered glass


Mineral wool or polyurethane foam.

Circulation System

pipes, pumps, and control valves

Water Storage Tank

Insulated tank

Backup Heating System

Electric heating element or a gas burne


Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Glass Type

High transmittance low iron tempered glass

flat plate water heater

Save Your Pockets

Saves Operational Costs

Our flat plate water heater comprises a thermosiphon solar storage tank. The smart design utilises natural convection to circulate the heated water; this eliminates the need for any additional pump or electricity required. It not only saves operational costs but also helps to save a lot on your pocket for a reliable and low-maintenance supply.


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Water Heater
Flat plate water heater

Smooth processing

Flawless Operational Efficiency

Worry no more about freezing temperatures now! Our flat plate heaters have an anti-freeze design that operates flawlessly even in extreme weather conditions. It ensures that your system will remain functional throughout the year, providing an ongoing hot water supply without any interventions.

Inter solar systems

reliable perks

Discover The Benefits

Efficient and Eco-friendly: Introducing our energy-efficient and cost saving Solar Flat Water Heaters that come with added benefits to look for.

Coated with selective materials to enhance solar absorption

Quality-level construction and an intelligent design structure

Reduces the utility cost and pollution levels.

Highest standards for reliability and heat output

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