Evacuated Tube System (ETC) Water Heater

Convert Sunlight
to Energy

Guranteed Lowest
Price for solar


Weatherproof PPO

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Evacuated Tube System Water Heater

Our Solar evacuated tube system is the ultimate solution for harnessing the power of sunlight to meet all your hot water needs. A supreme and efficient technology is used to design and excel in areas where diffuse radiations prevail, making these tube systems an ideal choice for regions with climates that experience low sunlight. Our product utilises a series of advanced evacuated tubes to capture and convert solar energy into usable heat, providing you with one of the most efficient and eco-friendly hot water solutions.


Evacuated Tube System Water Heater

Type of Module


Angle of Inclination

30 degrees

Case Thickness


Pipe Material

Stainless Steal

End Cap Material

Powder Coated GI 1mm

Insulation Thickness (mm)


Sacrificial Rod Material


Insulation Material

Polyruthene Foam (PUF)

Pipe size



Save upto 90% of Your Water Heating Costs

Our Inter Solar Evacuated tube System Water Heater provides you with a revolutionary solution that not only shapes the environment but also minimises your water heating cost by 90%. With Inter Solar’s Evacuated tube system heater, you can have a cleaner and greener atmosphere. It is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to heat water!

25 Years

Panel Warranty 

Electrical Backup

Store as much as you can

90 %

Reduction on power supply cost


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Energy Storage

Advanced Energy Saver

The Inter Solar evacuated tube system uses the power of sunlight to provide your house with an efficient and eco-friendly hot water supply. Using our advanced tube technology, you can maximise solar absorption and minimize heat loss! This means you can enjoy your hot water year-round without relying on energy sources alone.

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Expect a more sustainable future while benefiting from the financial and environmental advantages of Inter Solar’s Evacuated Tube System Water Heater. 

Save up to 90% on your water heating costs

Reduces your reliance on conventional energy sources

Seamlessly integrates with your existing water heating infrastructure

Inter Solar Evacuated Tube System offers you with versatile installation

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