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Our cutting-edge domestic heat pumps, designed to take your home heating to new levels of efficiency and sustainability, provide unrivalled warmth and eco-conscious comfort.

Low Temperature

We introduce you to our Low Temperature Heat Pump, a game-changing technology for your home heating experience. These pumps focus on the sustainability and efficiency of your room temperatures by combining modern technology and innovative design to give ideal warmth to your place while reducing the energy use.

High Temperature

Our High-Temperature heat pump is a groundbreaking solution for your high-temperature heating needs. These heat pumps make you feel the warmth in your living space, emphasizing outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and personalized comfort. We offer a cutting-edge heating solution that meets your heating needs.


The Secret Of Superior Comfort And Efficiency

Discover the essential features that make our room-heating solutions a wise investment for your house. We ensure that our heat pumps deliver ideal performance and comfort all year, from high energy efficiency and clever control systems to durability and noise reduction.

Our all-in-one residential heat pumps provide hot water outlet temperatures of up to 65°C in a compact design with a multi-functional controller and environmentally friendly refrigerant. These heat pumps are a perfect choice for your spas and Jacuzzis.

The split household heat pump system has the same parameters as the others and can manage an outlet temperature of up to 55°C. It is available in a combination of 150L to 300L storage tanks. They are safe, reliable and environmentally friendly, with minimal noise levels.

Solar amc

Secure Your Solar Investment With AMC

Protect your investment and enjoy uninterrupted savings for years to come by registering your solar product for our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). With us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your product is continually operating at peak performance.

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What Our Customers Say

Our customers are our biggest advocates. Their feedback helps us continually improve our products and services. We are proud to have helped countless individuals and businesses across the country make the switch to clean, renewable solar energy.

Varun Bakshi

Varun Bakshi

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Ashish Gupta

Advocate, High Court

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Gaurav Garg

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