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Integrated Heat Pumps

One of the greatest solar-integrated heat pumps from Inter Solar combines heat pumps and solar panels. These built-in heat pumps can be used in any location or environment. A solar thermal panel operates in these solar-assisted heat pump systems and continuously measures all temperature levels. These built-in heat pumps offer the most effective heating choices! As a result, integrated heat pumps are the best product to buy if you want to replace your electric heater with one that uses less energy.


Integrated Heat Pumps

Collector Type

Thermal conductivity

Absorber Plate

Selective coating


Transparent glazing material


Mineral wool or polyurethane foam.

Backup Heating System

Electric heating element or a gas burner


Pressure relief valve

Relative Humidity

0 TO 100%


Tilt angle system

Circulation System

Pipes, pumps, and control valves

Save the Nature

Forget Carbon Emissions

Our integrated water heat pumps go one step further to reduce your electricity usage while maintaining the ecological balance. There is no potential for producing carbon emissions! The job is completed quite efficiently thanks to thermal solar panels, which save energy at a higher speed. 

02 Years

Panel Warranty 

20 %

Energy Saved


Customer Support

Energy Storage

High Reliability

Our integrated heat pumps give you affordable and environmentally friendly heating solutions by fusing the advantages of solar energy with heat pump technologies. Your dependence on electricity or fossil fuels is reduced by the energy-efficient heater pumps. Long-term, you can significantly reduce your fuel and power costs.

Reliable Perks

Discover The Benefits

When you buy these integrated pumps, the best efficiency is assured. You’ll receive a host of eye-catching benefits from our integrated heat pumps! Have a look at it!

Get huge savings on your electricity bills.

24/7 water heating solutions.

Solar assisted heat pumps integrated into single system.

Eco-friendly option to reduce carbon emissions.

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