Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Inter Solar is the go-to option for all pool owners. It offers long-term durability and value with a lifespan of more than 15 years. Reduced operating costs, environmental friendliness, and ease of automatic control are just a few advantages of Inter Solar’s solar pool heating system. Our solution allows you to easily maintain the correct pool temperature while saving money on energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. You can rely on our system to effortlessly and effectively heat your pool, giving you a luxurious swimming experience.


Swimming Pool Heat Pump


Since 1997

Life Expectancy

More than 15 years


Low operational cost


24/7 Customer Support

Energy Saver

Huge Savings on energy levels


Designed for a sustainable use

Relative Humidity

0 TO 100%

Cell Encapsulant Type

EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate)


Refined and original design

Swimming Pool heat pumps


Save the Planet

By choosing Inter Solar’s Swimming Pool Heat Pump , individuals and businesses can make a positive impact on the environment by decreasing their carbon footprint. Additionally, this shift to solar energy can also lead to long-term cost savings as the sun’s energy is free and readily available.

02 Years


20 %

Energy Saved


Customer Support

Quality over Quantity

Supreme Quality

The heat pumps made by Inter Solar are intended to offer reliable and effective cooling services. You should be on the lookout for its characteristics and other advantages! To provide a fantastic pooling experience, the product is made with high standards and efficiency in mind.

Reliable Perks

Discover The Benefits

At Inter Solar, we’re passionate about solar energy, and our swimming pool heat pumps are a testament to that passion. These pumps offer a range of features, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience a high grade pooling experience.

Helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with pool heating

Allows for comfortable swimming

Inter Solar's heat pumps are designed to be highly energy efficient

Build with durability and reliability in mind

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