Different Types Of Residential Heat Pumps

As we take efficient and eco-friendly steps towards sustainable energy usage, energy-saving products like heat pumps have offered us great advantages, saving not only energy but also the environment and utility bills. Heat pumps are popularly replacing traditional heaters and air conditioners in industrial and residential sectors saving tonnes of energy wastage. Before we switch to our energy-saving mode, let us check out the different types of residential heat pumps and understand each of their unique characteristics.

The Heat Pumps Diversity

There are different types of heat pumps with different characteristics and advantages that suit the needs of different residential areas and uses. Here are some of the popular pumps from Inter Solar Systems.

Split Heat Pumps

A split pump is a cooling and heating system consisting of two main components, i.e. the indoor units and outdoor units. These units are connected by refrigerant lines and do not require a ductwork system to distribute air. Here are some of the different kinds of split pumps.

Superia +
  • The Superia Plus series is an improved and upgraded heat pump that uses edge-cutting technology to enhance heat transfer and ensure maximum thermal protection.
  • It also has an upgraded distribution system to ensure heat is transported and distributed efficiently, with indoor and outdoor units for low noise during operation.
  • The additional features, such as optimised defrost cycles, adjustable fan speed and air purification certificate, make this heat pump highly efficient and ideal for residential use. 
  • These heat pumps are unparalleled by all other heat pump series when it comes to longevity and toughness. 
  • They have the highest-grade stainless steel inner sheet, pre-painted steel, and PUF insulation to provide remarkable corrosion resistance and durability.
  • To add to their advantages, they are adaptable to every weather condition with versatile heating, 24/7 energy monitoring, and optional temperature control features that allow you to control the temperature of the water.
  • Designed in Australia, the Imperia Heat Pump is a stylish and popularly sought-after heat pump in the market for its sturdiness and durability, as its pre-painted steel layering increases protection against external toxins and corrosion, preserving its performance. 
  • These pumps save 80% energy compared to traditional water heating systems and are suitable for all climatic conditions. 
  • The PUF insulation technique ensures minimal energy and heat loss, hence reducing energy consumption and electricity bills.

Integrated Heat Pumps

Integrated heating pumps are a game changer in the residential heating systems integrated with solar thermal panels, providing solar assistance and continuously measuring all temperature levels.

  • These built-in heat pumps are highly reliable in providing a comfortable heating experience with no carbon emissions and come with a pressure relief valve for efficient temperature distribution.
  • They also come with a backup heating system for electric heating elements or a gas burner for convenience.  

These solar-assisted residential heat pumps are integrated into a single system, making them a reliable, eco-friendly option for 24/7 heating solutions while saving huge utility bills.


These residential heat pumps are undoubtedly the most efficient and sustainable heating and cooling solution that saves not only the environment with low-carbon emissions but also use less energy and utility bills. You can explore the different types of heat pumps given above and analyse their functionality and quality to choose the one best suited for your homes, offices or business.
Here at Inter Solar Systems, you can guarantee the best product quality made from high-grade materials at the lowest prices possible. That’s not all; we also provide installation and after-installation services so that you achieve the highest efficiency. Contact us now and join hands to a better and greener future.

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