Check These Parameters While Choosing The Best Solar EPC Company


Solar energy has found its way into large-scale applications as it enables people to save a lot of money and empowers them to be self-reliant in electricity production. Surfing over the internet, you must have seen solar panels spread across a large land. Solar EPC companies set up these PV panels to make it possible for you to reap the benefits of large-scale electricity production through solar systems. A solar system consists of numerous solar modules installed in a large area with ample sunlight during the day. The solar modules convert sunlight into electricity, which you can use for yourself, or if you have produced surplus energy, you can sell it back to the grid and earn some money.

Solar product manufacturing companies constantly innovate their products’ design, features, and utility, enabling them to deliver reliable large-scale solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. This blog will uncover the important things you should evaluate in an EPC service provider company before investing your precious time and money.

What Does EPC Mean?

There is a lot of expansion in the solar sector, and solar product manufacturers are fueling the nation’s growth through renewable energy. If we talk about EPC, it stands for engineering, procurement, and construction. In the solar company context, it refers to a company that evaluates the site, procures the equipment, makes the solar system, does the proper installation, and provides maintenance and upkeep of the system.

Solar EPC service providers install photovoltaic modules in large numbers that generate electricity from the sun. A solar EPC company provides all these services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients, enabling them to reap solar power’s benefits. Our company is amongst one of the best solar EPC solution providers. You can opt for an EPC rooftop or EPC ground mount, where the former involves setting up a solar system on the roof, and the latter means setting up solar systems on the ground, much like a solar farm.

What To Look For In The Company?

While choosing a solar EPC company, there are various determinants that will help you make the right decision in selecting the best company to meet your power needs through solar panels. We have curated a list of factors you should consider before investing your hard-earned money into solar EPC enterprises.

Technology & Capabilities

One of the most important parameters while selecting a solar EPC service provider is the quality and technological proficiency that the company can provide to you. Undergo the history of the company, milestones it has achieved, its research & development and study about the knowledge it has in the solar sector. Suppose the selected company also offers solar PV panels. In that case, you can assess the efficiency of technology from the PV panel features and decide whether you want to hire that company.

Pricing & Contract Terms 

Once you have shortlisted the feasible options that can help you achieve self-reliance in energy through solar power plants, you need to compare the pricing of EPC services over different platforms and choose the most feasible company that will best fulfil your energy needs and help you save a lot of money. If you compromise on the quality due to price, then the long-term reliability of the project could be affected. Make sure to have comprehensive and well-defined contract terms so that your contract with the EPC service provider benefits both parties. 

Customer Reviews & References

An excellent way to assess the quality of service that a solar EPC enterprise will provide is to review the previous customer feedback and look for any project reference that the company has completed in previous times. Authentic feedback will help you to lock the decision on which company you want to enter into a contract with and have EPC rooftops or EPC ground mount for electricity production. Solar companies with a good track record are more likely to deliver efficient projects. 

Maintenance & After-Sale Service

Before selecting a solar EPC service provider company, one of the most important things you should look for is the company’s maintenance and after-sales service policy. A company with a good maintenance service will maintain the efficiency of the installed solar system. Most of the solar PV panels have a life span of about 25 years. Make sure you choose a company that provides warranties and has highly skilled professionals who can provide you with the best maintenance. 

Certifications & Standards

Another way to judge the efficiency level of the solar EPC service provider is to check the certification and compliance to various national quality standards that are a testament to the quality standards the company follows in delivering solar EPC services. The more quality certifications a company have, the better will be the service of the EPC company. One way to assess the quality of an EPC company providing solar installations is to see whether their products, like solar panels, have passed quality standards. 


Now that you know all the things you should look for in a solar EPC company, the decision depends upon your budget, time constraints and quality expectations. Choose the most reliable option from the solar companies you have shortlisted and install the solar systems within no time to utilise solar energy. Finding the right company will determine whether your money-saving and electricity production objectives are met with efficiency or not. 

If you are looking for a reliable and quality solar EPC service provider, then Inter Solar Systems [Since 1997] is the right place, as we will help you to achieve self-reliance in electricity production. We are the leading solar EPC service providers with almost three decades of experience in the solar market. We offer top-notch solar solutions like EPC rooftop and EPC ground mount for various customer segments, such as residential, industrial, and commercial clients. Our solar products have passed several quality tests to ensure that only the best technology is delivered to our customers. Contact us now to get the best-in-class solar EPC services and power your life with solar energy.

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