All You Need To Know About Mono PERC Solar Modules

Mono PERC half cut module


The ever-changing technology of harnessing renewable energy is a boon for modern households and businesses as it saves costs in every possible way. Solar panels are one such step that helps you to live in a clean environment and use the sun’s energy at an affordable price. But the journey of science has not stopped at achieving this feat of accessible renewable energy. Companies are evolving their cutting-edge technology so that you can have this sustainable energy source at the lowest cost possible.


The Mono PERC Solar Modules are a testament to technological excellence. These modules are the pinnacle in today’s solar energy era and the most efficient solar modules. The PERC in the name stands for Passivated Emitter & Rear Cell, which increases the efficiency of the solar modules in producing electricity. You can install these solar modules in your house or for your commercial uses to save money on energy consumption. Let’s examine how these panels are more efficient and reliable than others in the industry and what advantages they provide you regarding cost-efficiency and energy saving.

How Do Mono PERC Solar Modules Work?

These solar modules meet the needs of residential and business houses in attaining energy efficiency by upscaling the energy production process in the locational parameter. These modules have a passivated layer in the cell’s rear part that helps them produce more electricity. The light that passes through the PERC solar cell can be utilised again due to the passivated layer present at the rear of the cell. This leads to higher light absorption, which results in higher electricity production by the module.

Features of These Modules

Now that you know how these solar panels work, you may want to see their remarkable features. Like any new electronic device, the Mono PERC modules have futuristic designs and features that will blow your mind away. These features are the convincing point to seduce you to install them immediately. Our solar modules are an excellent value for money, an investment you will always appreciate.


  • Equipped With Multiple M10 Cells

These modules have M10 cells that efficiently generate higher energy through their cutting-edge technology to perform in low-light conditions. These solar modules are the epitome of solar energy generation on a perfectly sunny day.

  • Multiple Applications

With multiple applicability and versatility, these modules satisfy your business and residential needs. These modules can be installed as on-grid rooftops for industrial and commercial systems. These can also be installed as rooftop residential systems.

  • Supreme Quality

As our certifications show, our Mono PERC modules are the pinnacle of modern-day technology intertwined with innovation. These panels have approval from BIS and ALMM, which showcase our state-of-the-art quality standards.

  • Lower Cost

The LCOE or Levelised Cost of Energy is very low. Simply put, it is the cost of energy or power produced by the solar over a period of time. This lower LCOE shows that you are using electricity produced by the solar modules at a low rate compared to the high costs of traditional available electricity.

  • Durable Modules

PID-resistant materials ensure the durability of these modules. These modules can sustain heavy loads of snow and wind, which ensures their longer lifespan. Fused with low light performance, these panels provide the highest energy production by absorbing most of the light with their solar cells.

Here Are Some Benefits

These paragon of solar modules are a miracle in today’s renewable energy market. All this popularity is due to the benefits these modules entail with their cutting-edge technology and popularity in the solar product market.

  • Low-light Performance

The most value-for-money benefit of these solar panels is their optimum performance in low-light conditions. This element of low-light performance enables them to absorb every tiny bit of sunlight and provide more energy output, which helps you to cherish the cost-effective energy produced by such modules.

  • Optimum Performance Over the Years

The performance efficiency of these modules is the best in the solar product market. These modules have a very long lifespan of 25 years, and their efficiency remains as high as 85% till the last of time. In the initial years, these solar modules work at an efficiency of 98%, a significant commitment displayed by the cutting-edge technology of these solar modules.

  • Lower BOS Cost

BOS is the abbreviation of Balance of System. This cost includes expenses like the cost of hardware, labour and inspection fees. Since these modules require less space for installation, their BOS cost is reduced, which further increases the product’s value proposition and makes this Mono PERC module a lucrative investment in green energy.

  • Anti-reflective Coating

The anti-reflective coating on these panels helps in optimum light transmission and less light loss through reflection, allowing these panels to convert most of the sunlight into electricity. This feature improves the efficiency and light absorption ability of the module.

  • PID Resistant Means Durability

PID stands for Potential-induced degradation, which means the potential-induced performance degradation in the photovoltaic modules. These solar modules are resistant to such degradation, which improves their energy production potential, and you can benefit from these panels for years to come due to their durability.

  • Cost-Effective

These solar modules help you save energy costs to a great extent and provide you with more than 20% energy efficiency. This cost-saving is possible due to its cutting-edge technology and modern design, which helps in greater energy production due to its unique solar cells. These savings will help you invest extra cash into another profitable avenue. Your investment in these solar modules will start paying off itself from day one by doing energy savings for you. The cost of a Solar Power Plant with this technology is recovered in 3-4 years. However, life is more than 25 years. The government of India also provides accelerated depreciation benefits for installing solar power plants.


These solar modules are the best-in-class Technology that will fulfil your energy consumption needs and save the environment.  The only consideration you need to keep in mind is that the area where you install these solar modules should have maximum exposure to sunlight. These panels give more than 20% energy efficiency, a tremendous money-for-value investment. If you also want to install these state-of-the-art solar modules in your house or business premises, contact Inter Solar Systems(Since 1997). We are India’s top solar product manufacturer, and we have a wide range of solar PV panels like Mono PERC Solar modules. Our products are the change-over that your business needs. Contact us now and taste the aura of efficient electricity to power your dreams of a better life.

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