Innovating Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions: A Closer Look at Our Solar Panel Manufacturing Company

We’re all aware of the current climate crisis and energy shortage being experienced worldwide. And as a prominent Solar Panel Manufacturing Company Inter Solar Systems (P)Ltd. Has been working for decades to make people more energy conscious and help them reduce their carbon footprint. Read on to learn what we do here and more importantly, WHY we do it!

Owing to our incessant human greed and the rise of capitalism, the energy landscape today is severely distorted and mal-distributed globally. This not only raises concerns for the immediate effect on the global population but also forces one to ponder upon how the world would survive if we depleted all the resources of energy.

And so, about 26 years ago, we started Inter Solar System to address these pressing concerns and develop methods to manage them as much as we can. 

We identified that the disparity exists mainly in the supply and demand of the energy sources we have, and the amount of energy we require. 

And so we figured why depend on energy sources that are eventually going to exhaust when we can channel the limitless potential of the sun?

What we Do?

Inter Solar Systems (P) Ltd. is a solar products company that leverages the energy from the sun to provide a total solar solution to individuals and businesses. It all starts from a cell: a Photovoltaic cell, more commonly known as a PV cell. This is the key element used to store sunlight which is used for various activities like water heating, lighting, or generating electricity in general.

We produce these cells and design customized solar panels to arrange them for maximum performance. Not only do we manufacture all the key components of an energy-efficient space like Solar panels, water heating systems, or heat pumps but also integrate them seamlessly into your home or business with our varying services such as rooftop solar panel installation, solar pumping, EPC ground mount, etc. whilst being at your beck and call for any maintenance or customer support needs. 

Research Makes us Future- Ready!

Here at Inter Solar, we believe in digging into everything as deeply as humanly possible! And so behind every product, there’s a dedicated research and development team meticulously working on its concept, design, ideal materials, and such before we even begin the Solar Panel Manufacturing process. This is followed by their rigorous testing and improvement until we are certain we’ve achieved maximum durability and productivity from it.

Hence, proper research is integral to our working, and in essence, is the lifeblood of this company that doesn’t let it fail.


What distinguishes us from the hundreds of names in the industry, is that like ourselves, the products and services we deliver are unique and immensely consumer-centric. We don’t believe in adjusting your expectations and giving you a near-good match. Instead, we develop in a way that you get the solution you need based on your exact specifications and requirements.

This is why we offer an extensive list of products and an even bigger list of ways we can modify them to suit you best. We’re so precise in tailoring our offerings for you, that we’ll even curate the number of cells required per panel to rest perfectly according to the size of your space and the amount of energy you may need.

Our proficiencies extend beyond other Solar Panel Installation Companies, in terms that we’re clear, quick, and transparent in all our processes from production to installation to operational and maintenance support.

Relearning & Reinventing

Our unparalleled Innovation and the ability to consistently stay ahead of the curve are deeply rooted in our inquisitive approach and the tendency to keep relearning and reinventing as we leap into the future. The mantra is to keep pushing the boundaries and creating new ones every step of the way!

Inter Solar Systems is sitting at the cusp of invention with new processes and methodologies being born every single day. And the only way we’re able to provide the best of the best in everything is by trying out everything and only delivering what works best. 

We may not be the only solar panel manufacturers and installers, but we’re proud to assert that we’re dominating the industry with our vision and approach. Cause it’s not what’s happening in the world today. It’s about what we’re about to make happen!

So if you’re looking for a company with a total solar solution that helps you save energy and money, you know where to find us.


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